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Ram Shankar Agarwal,


An able and proficient multi-tasker, with an eye for perfection, Mr. Ram Shankar Agarwal has not only lived up to the expectations of his team as a leader and team member but has also created high standards of work culture.

His keen business acumen and result-oriented approach has made him excel in executing challenging assignments and responsibilities entrusted upon him.


Ankur Agarwal,

Director & CEO

The day to day activities of the company revolve around the charisma and high energy of this able leader who through his endeavors helps it to attain and climb the success ladder.

A strict follower of his ethics, values, and principles, Mr. Ankur Agarwal moves meticulously on a well-planned and defined path ensuring greater achievements.


Tuhina Agarwal,

Director & CFO

Heading the Finance (& Accounts) Department and overseeing the Marketing operations, Ms. Tuhina Agarwal has been keeping the company in check with all the regulations. Organizing team building activities and guiding the company with her expertise in investing, accounting, marketing and her passion for corporate social responsibility, Ms. Tuhina has been a pioneer for the internal development of the company.

Md. Fazal.jpg

Md. Fazal,

Executive Director - Procurement & Marketing

With in-depth knowledge and strong hold on the product variants along with the market movement, he is very well-equipped in managing all marketing activities for the company. Developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives, coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.

Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.


Rajat Agarwal,

Executive Director - Fasteners

A foresighted personnel by his very nature, he looks after the needs of the customers, communities and the law. He creates a balance between orders and procurement, drawing, forging, galvanizing, quality check and the final dispatch. Mr. Rajat Agarwal is responsible for all tenders under RDSO, CORE and GETCO, amongst others.


Anurag Banerjee,

Executive Director - Fabricated Components

We can literally call him the bull-dozer of our company. He ensures that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently. He responsibly plans and organizes production schedules, estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with labors, managers and clients. In-charge of all the Fabrication Components orders, Mr. Anurag Banerjee leads the Fabrication team head-on.

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